18 October 2017


It's been very calm over the past few days, after that stretch of Solar storming for 5 consecutive days from 11 - 15 October.
However, there was a giganormous (I know, this isn't a word) Solar explosion which occurred today ~ Suspicious 0bservers described it as "larger than all the planets put together" (main image at top).

There doesn't seem to be any Solar storm predicted because that burst wasn't Earth-facing. However ~ and we know this by now ~ that doesn't matter because we'll feel that in some way.

And this is what just happened:

Meanwhile, the SR continues to register short sharp spikes:

Smaller Negative Plasma Entities ~ Untwine ~ 17 October 2017

Very good article from Untwine, detailing how these entities can thrive, and how we can help ourselves (and others) by diminishing or negating their influence.

Source: Recreating Balance

The subject of this post is quite gross, but unfortunately the truth that sooner or later we must come to terms with is that the state of this planet has been really gross.

As Cobra has been writing about, recently yaldabaoth is getting weaker, and various other smaller negative plasma entities are getting exposed and cleared. He wrote about a couple of big worm-like entities, and stated that there are countless others.


We on this planet are all living inside yaldabaoth body, and the surface of the planet is incredibly infected.

There are two main hosts to these smaller entities on the surface which Cobra has confirmed : our bodies, and the electronic devices network.

Cobra also explained that in our bodies they use the following as physical anchor :


He also explained that in electronic appliances, they are in every computer and cell phones, using the fuzzy logic based softwares as anchor, and they are also in wifi boxes. They have been strengthened since 2013 by insertion of plasma chips that generate stronger negative plasma field, in all devices made from then on.

In our bodies, the implants generate negative plasma fields that feed the worm-like entities and help them anchor.

So human society has been serving as a host for yaldabaoth and the smaller entities.

In human bodies, as far as I know they are mainly located in abdomen area and neck and head area, because these are the places from where they can affect human behavior the most. The reason for this is that the brain and solar plexus areas are anchors of our mental capacity which is the anchor of our will in the personality level. This is reflected by the fact that on the physical level, from these two centers our nervous system is monitored, which can then control the rest of the body, and this is what they hijack.
It has been well documented that the gut is like a 'second brain' in some regards, for example about 90% of serotonin comes from there :

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Sacred Sites and Their Importance to Humanity ~ Aluna Joy Yaxk'in ~ 17 October 2017

Source: Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

Some insights and experiences to why sacred sites are so important to humanity! Please enjoy this little intro-video sharing what YOU might experience in a sacred site.


Letters to the Pleiadian Fleet ~ We Love Mass Meditations

WLMM has initiated this ~ an opportunity to send a letter to the Pleiadian Fleet.

Arbre Solaire features The Carpenters' "Calling Occupants", possibly the first "Close Encounter" song (followed by Hot Chocolate's "No Doubt About It"?). Also in the video is a short excerpt from Barbara Marciniak's "Bringers of the Dawn".

Source: WLMM

Welcoming our star brothers and sisters

Dear one,

We are now here to witness a fundamental shift in the consciousness for all of humanity. The time has come for each one to envision how they can merge in a higher field of light. For each one to manifest that which many have waited for. A key connection to all Loving beings of light, here now to assist us in one of our greatest accomplishments in soul growth and breakthroughs.

Where there is a dream there is a thought, and where there is a thought there is an intent of energy, Which activates sound and light, which sends out a call to all vibrating on the same frequency. Once you initiate this thought and sent it out into the stream of consciousness, you activate that which comes from your true self which is also called your higher self.

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Universal Dissolution @91% ~ Disclosure News Italia ~ 18 October 2017

For those who are interested, please use Higher Guidance ~ I'm fully aware of the controversy behind these updates but I felt like posting this.

For details, please check here.

As per the update, "....go in the Light Yalda!"

Free Webinar and Energy Transmissions from Angels on 19/20 October ~ Registration Required ~ Judy Satori

Source: Judy Satori

Hi Everyone,

This Thursday, October 19 (USA) / Friday, October 20 (NZ, Australia, Singapore) I am holding a free webinar and energy transmission from the Angels. I have been guided to create this webinar as the joy vibration is an important precursor to regenesis, which is part of our human ascension/soul expansion process ...

BUT you must register!

When you register for this online event it will indicate to me that you are ready and committed to rapid advancement. I want a group of people to work with in a more direct and focused way as we move into 2018.

Everyone who registers for the webinar will receive the replay link so if you can't attend live you will get the replay.

Listen online, by phone or listen to the replay ...
but you must register!

Thursday, October 19 - 4 pm (PST), 7 pm (EST)
Friday, October 20 - 12 pm (NZ) / 10 am (Sydney) / 7 am Singapore


Gnostic Origins: Ancient Civilizations S1:Ep2

Thank you to Mermail Abyssmegalo for sharing.

Free to view, about 37 hours left:

Description given:
The discovery of the Gnostic texts in Nag Hammadi, Egypt changed what we knew about the ancient world and brought to light competing concepts of creation and control. Our exploration of ancient civilizations continues as we to illuminate the gnostic worldview.

I haven't watched yet ~ I'm just appreciating these gift views and sharing them here.

Inner Strength ~ Caroline Myss

Whatever is in me is stronger than what is out there to defeat me.
Caroline Myss

Thanks to Shift Network for posting this.