20 November 2017

Uniqueness of the Revolution By Light ~ Guruji Krishnananda ~ 19 November 2017

Source: Revolution By Light

As human consciousness evolves, the realization dawns that all of humanity is interconnected. Technological advancements in every field of knowledge present irrefutable evidences that the rationale behind color, class and creed prejudices are superfluous. The diversity that comes from nationality, religion, language, economic status etc. is not a barrier but many expressions of the human spirit and ingenuity. The world over, even the spiritual underpinnings of various religions are now understood and acknowledged as the same – Love and Peace.

Since the Spiritual seeking for the Divine is similar across all human beings, there is a simple Spiritual practice – Light Channelling – which can be used by everybody. It may appear impossible to have a common Spiritual practice for one and all while keeping ones religious and other spiritual affiliations intact. But this is made possible by Light Channelling, as it is driven by a pure intent of establishing World Peace on the foundation of Love, starting with the individual. Light is after all, the formless God.

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Mime of Life: the Force is with You ~ Lauren C Gorgo ~ 18 November 2017

Source: Think With Your Heart

November (a universal 3 month→manifestation) is turning out to be quite a productive month with many magical moments and elements of unexpected surprise.  While not without its challenges, this month has been assisting us to bring to fruition some very long held desires in preparation for next year, the universal TWO year, in which we begin to include others and the world around us as veritable extensions of Self.

Where we complete the lessons/learnings of this universal ONE year of individuation, of reclaiming our sovereignty, we will then be supported to weave our independent GOD thread into the collective fabric of our unifying world. This is where our special uniqueness meets a need in society and those who are conscious of/practiced at the basic holographic laws of the YOUniverse will certainly have the edge here.

As we finalize the overarching intention of this year, each of us is shifting trajectories in our own perfect way…aligning with brand new soul directives that will enable us to break thru the physical layers of density, to replace many outdated structures with a brand new framework.

This process is as demanding as it is rewarding…as we deliberately and consciously smash down the walls that kept us trapped in physicality, we are simultaneously opening to newly imagined worlds within, bringing to light unactualized aspects that are permitting us to unhinge from causality like never before.

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Identifications ~ Untwine ~ 19 November 2017

This is such a good article from Untwine ~ this would precisely be the information I would like to write about the Divine Self, had I the skill or eloquence to do so :)

Source: Recreating Balance

This is a continuation of previous articles on the subject :



When we understand the differenciation between the true/Higher Self, and its reflection the personality (lower mental, astral, etheric, plasma and physical bodies), we then can understand the importance of proper identification of the consciousness.
Mistaken indentification with personality aspects, the lower bodies in the world of forms, increase darkness and disconnection between higher and lower self, while identification with the Higher Self increases Light and connection between higher and lower self, leading to the Higher Self taking full control of the lower, which means that Light and Source redeem matter and heal creation on all planes.

There are two main types of mistaken/dark identifications.

The first type is a mistaking of the light received from the Higher Self as being from the lower self. The lower self receives some kind of higher inspiration or life force, small or large, and wrongly assumes that this is coming from the personality, lower separated self down here. This also occurs because of forgetting that the Higher Self who is emanating all Life and all Light is not a separated self but a part of the One which is the same present in all, in the same way my hand is a part of my physical body. This kind of dark identification will manifest as a 'chosen one' complex or various other superiority or righteousness complexes. The lower identification will delude itself into thinking it is doing good by its actions, such as focusing on the personality, trying to force people to do things, criticizing others, etc.

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Command PB Stardust: Pleidian Medical Protocol ~ Arbre Solaire ~ 19 November 2017

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Immune System of the Planet ~ Laura Eisenhower ~ 15 June 2016

Source: Laura Eisenhower

When a disaster happens on this planet, related to weather, war or anything that involves violence, suffering, pain or death ~ it is a call to action. We are the white blood cells and immune system of the planet, if we so choose to be.

Let these events be a wake up call to self, about what frequency we are holding. If our response is blame, anger and a feeling of helplessness to the forces that trigger these events, we should step back and reset the energy and let it inspire one to to do the inner work more fiercely, to love more deeply, to open the heart to the collective in a more expansive way through the power of prayer, intention and determination to be a part of the healing vibration, a vibration that can override the ability of these other forces to continue to create tragedy as a mechanism to sink us into despair or fear, whether they be artificially induced, a conspiracy or a natural response from Mother Earth in her attempt to create balance.

We must not ignore our own bodily symptoms when they alert us to something that we must address on a root level and it doesn't always work to expect something outside of ourselves to fix it, if we don't first take a stand in our own lives. We know we can only heal through boosting our own immune system, rather than owning that we are a victim to everything negative that befalls us.

Whatever the response to outer events or events in our own lives - if we stay heart-centered, pro-active and inspired to action, this will amplify and illuminate the solution; it will be effective if we stay focused on being in a vibration of unity, wisdom and devotion to positive change and we all share in a collective purpose to understand what that means for us as individuals.

Our unified field is the immune system of the planet. It is our honest response to all we experience and witnesss in life. Its about building deeper bonds with self and our loved ones and family.

All of this will ripple out to all and disable the constant threats to our security, freedom and ultimate well-being as individuals and as a Whole.

~ Laura Magdalene Eisenhower

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19 November 2017

Individual Initiations Into NEW Embodiment Levels ~ 18 November 2017

"New" is the new normal.....

Source: High Heart Life

How many were rather surprised by how unusual, different and at times obnoxiously invasive much of the November 11, 2017 11-11 low energetic responses were this year? It’s always an interesting and potent day no matter the year, but 2017, it was very different as should have been expected. Nothing has been remotely similar to what Forerunners/Wayshowers/Pathpavers have experienced prior to this amazing and consistently demanding year however. It was easily felt early morning of 11-11, that more big shifting changes were taking place and because of that more old lower frequency stuff, people and consciousness was doing its best to at least distract. Rebellious resistance to the NEW higher everything from the old lower everything. It’s pointless of course but happens nonetheless.

The last three (trinity) months of every ascension year are potent as they condense, quicken, amplify and push whatever is on our and the spiritual, energetic, ascension and embodiment plates that year, and 2017 is reflecting this to Forerunners in a variety of more advanced and complex ways. This has to happen so we’re energetically prepared to enter the next year at an even higher level of Light. Saying that, I can barely remember October, so from the primary ascending Earth that exists continually in the Now Moment and is not in linear frequency whatsoever, all this can at times get really tricky, strange, stressful on the body and nervous system and requires ongoing determination that stretches Forerunners to the near breaking point… which is the point in many cases. From the secondary ascending Earth world, which I’m in when not in the primary one, things are more difficult to deal with, cope with, not be unseated by and so on but even this is a big aspect of Forerunners learning Mastery with being consciously able to exist in and Work from within multiple locations, dimensions, timelines and so on. This is Forerunners becoming multidimensional Beings of Light and increasingly LOVE (creativity) while simultaneously Embodying more of their Higher Selves and Source into their physical bodies. Is is any wonder why many of us typically feel like we’re falling apart at least once every month?! Honestly, even feeling that is part of the Ascension Process and Embodiment Process. Recognize it for what it really is and just keep going. You aren’t doing anything “wrong” nor are you “failing” at this, this is just how all of it plays out. Out-breath and In-breath of God and all that.

This has been a very hard month for me as I’m sure has been the case for many Forerunners, but it’s also had as is normal, periods of indescribable personal inner peace, empowerment, LOVE, unity, perfection and greater Embodiment or what I’d simply call HOME. What’s HOME? What most call “heaven” but in this ascension case it’s heaven in a physical body on a physical Earth and more. As my personal HOME bliss grows inside me and my physical body, so too does what’s left of my old lower world issues because the Separation of Worlds or bifurcation is taking place within every Forerunner/Wayshower/Pathpaver, not only externally.

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Forward- Motivators are Viewed in "the Heavens" - Gaia Portal - 19 November 2017

Veritas was the goddess of truth in Roman mythology.

Source: Gaia Portal

Forward-motivators are viewed in “the Heavens”.
Astrals of the veil are disappeared.
Markers of progress Illuminate.
Veritas is the word.