25 May 2018

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Space Observing System
It's been a high-Schumann year so far....

One C-class flare on the 23rd, but none since then, although the chart is still showing small ripples.

New Earth Grid Update ~ Joanna Fay ~ 25 May 2018

Joanna Fay has wonderful news and a beautiful message for us! And of course, fabulous photos,as always.

Source: Heart Star

Dear All,

Through the loosening and clearing of the lower astral (4D)  and deeper aligning of the planetary high vibrational Shift flowing through this extraordinary year, we’re glad to be able to share here about a widespread defusing of lower 4D energies and devices during a high-aligned gateway of the weekend of May 19-20th, still continuing, in the context of the current stage of steadying and strengthening the New Earth Grid.

The New Earth Grid imprints the higher light codings of the fully realized ascended Earth, radiating from the planetary core ~ Light-Heart of Gaia in the fifth-sixth dimensions and higher ~ in a fluid, pliable interweaving of light strands of the Unity Consciousness Grid, Crystalline Heart Grid and the meridian network (chi/life energy channels) flowing through the planet’s etheric layer…which is gradually aligning to the unified loving energy being rebirthed through Gaia’s divine planetary template, lifting frequencies, and purifying energy channels (see this post if light grids are new to you).

During 2018, two ancient interconnecting light grids have been blessed with increasing activation, with a lot more to come; the Mu grid (ancient Lemuria) and the Avalon grid (carrying the wisdom and joy of the Golden Age of Atlantis, before its vibration fell). Hawaii, capital of what was once the Mu continent, is currently in a high activation phase, translating through to the 3D physical layer as floods followed by heightened activity of the volcano Kilauea on the Big Island, as adjustments and higher aligning of the subtle light templates reflect into physical and reverberate energetically into and through the planetary meridian channels, clearing, flushing and raising the overall vibration another notch.

As the higher light frequencies continue to flow and shift everything back into alignment with Universal Love, resistances in the density of 3D polarity are obvious, whether in orchestrated distractions or personal mental/emotional looping. Prioritizing staying peacefully open in our hearts to the ascending vibrations allows increasing inner clarity and innate attunement to the beautiful loving support all around us multi-dimensionally, and joyful awareness of the shifts occurring in various dimensional layers around this planet and Solar System.

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Selections of the Candidates is Complete ~ Gaia Portal ~ 25 May 2018

This sounds like it's connected with Cobra's "Firing the Grid" posts....

Source: Gaia Portal

Selections of the candidates is complete.
Profiteers are dissolved in the Light.
Essentials are complete.
Fasten the belts.

The Ascension Process & the Embodiment Process Clarified ~ Dense Le Fay ~ 24 May 2018

Source: High Heart Life

“…would you touch on the distinction between the AP and EP?” — Kara
“I am not feeling any communication like I used to have with higher self or guides or having any ” magical” experiences. In fact I feel more grounded and 3D capable then ever. In fact I recently went back to work for the first time in 12 years and am doing great. Anyone else experiencing that?” — Debbie 
These two questions may sound like they’re not related but they most certainly are. First, Kara’s question.

I have intentionally been writing these two terms — the Ascension Process (AP) and the Embodiment Process (EP) — in this way because not everyone is or will be living the Embodiment Process in their current incarnations. For that matter, not everyone is or will be living the Ascension Process in these current incarnations because some people are hell-bent on continuing and/or perpetuating the only thing they know and enjoy which is the old negative patriarchy and all that it was. But those people are not the focus of this article so I won’t spend anymore time on that subject.

The AP is natural compressed evolution and everyone alive on Earth now is feeling the constant bombardment of higher frequency Light energies to quickly evolve from within the physical bodies they incarnated into in this life. The only way to not evolve now is to die and exit your physical body and reincarnate in the future or near future with a NEW higher frequency body that’s a vibrational and energetic match to the NEW Earth and baseline global 5D HighHeart consciousness. Some people now incarnate are too old, too sick, too weak or just do not want to remain in their current physical body and go through the tremendous Work that the AP requires. These people are and will continue to die and exit their current bodies and reincarnate down the evolutionary road a bit with physical bodies built to match such profoundly higher energies and existence in 5D both internally and externally. Those people who stay in their current physical bodies and go through the AP to evolve them in every way imaginable, and many that are not, are living the natural Alchemical Ascension Process in-body.

These people are the “normal” masses of humanity who are not consciously aware of the evolutionary Ascension Process but are subject to it because they are alive and in physical bodies on Earth now. Just so there’s no confusion over this aspect, understand that there’s a HUGE difference between the unaware people currently living the AP on Earth now, and those individuals that are known as Volunteers, First Everything-ers, Forerunners, Gatekeepers, Gridworkers, Starseeds, Pathpavers, Wayshowers, Lightworkers and Lightwarriors etc. of which I am one.

The Forerunners and other names listed above, have been consciously aware that they are not only living the Alchemical AP as First Everything-ers, but that they are the ways and means by which the NEW higher frequency Light energies (and more) are seeded, inserted and permanently anchored into and on ascending physical Earth via their physical and energetic bodies and higher Heart consciousness. I’ve said in other articles that Divine Source throws out the balls so there’s got to be a small Group of individuals voluntarily inserted in the physical third dimension (3D) in physical bodies to literally “catch those energy balls” and anchor them into their own bodies and into Earth and reality on Earth.

The First Everything-ers have consciously been involved with the AP from the very beginning and have been transmuting and clearing old residual 3D patriarchal negativity—human and non-human created—across time on Earth from the first moment too. As they transmuted and cleared out unimaginable amounts of old negativity and darkness across time on Earth and in the fourth dimensional lower Astral too, they were simultaneously and constantly embodying (notice I used a lower case “e” here to represent something different from when I use a capital “E” in this same word) more and more of the NEW higher frequency evolutionary Light energies into their physical bodies, consciousness, CNS (central nervous system), heart and Rewiring their two separated brain hemispheres back into One whole unified brain and much more. To even be able to “catch the balls” coming in from Divine Source, the First Everything-ers HAD to live the AP first in and through their own physical bodies. Someone always has to go first and Pathpave and Consciously Create for the rest of the people who will be evolving behind them at a later date.

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Solar Gateway Influx: Coherence Effects ~ Sandra Walter ~ 24 May 2018

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~
Deep gratitude to all who are holding focus during this Gateway by calling in and forth these highly refined frequencies. Integration requires much rest, calm, time in nature and meditation.

Remember the message *Some of these energies can only be integrated in dream state.* The sleepiness is palpable, like a drug. Embodiers will feel this more than others, as the HUman conduit function is affecting the entire HUman heart grid. Our Lightbodies are changing to compliment the activated crystalline structures within. This is unfolding rapidly with the band of light we are traversing at the moment. Honor it with extra sleep, rest, yoga/flowing movement and meditation.

We are moving into a more coherent state of Global Unity Consciousness as the Primary Timelines raise the trajectory for all. Allow stillness with the Higher Self. Let the Light change you.

Solar flaring continues, increases as *Sunspots appear out of nowhere,* a side-effect of the Stargate opening last weekend. Notice how different the flaring feels right now; these pure photonic plasma fields are laden with consciousness-shifting, veil-dissolving codes which affect physical realities. This is the flashing activity that many of us experience in the subtler realms, physicalized as a hearts-up for all concerned

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24 May 2018

An Affirmation ~ Debbie Dixon ~ 24 May 2018

Thanks to Hilda van der Laan for sharing this.

Source: Debbie Dixon

We have a treat for the First Wavers on this certain Day as We are sensing much anxiety among you..peace and calm is vital for the Receiving of the final Increment of energy and walking in 2 worlds has its stressful times We know therefore We are merciful in our understanding of life..please accept our sacred expression in affirmation form..this will ensure a safe Entry into the Higher Dimensions and Beyond..This is for the First Wavers though all hungry, thirsty Souls will Benefit for their Future Entry into the Higher Dimensions..say out loud and with emotion..


Now Walk Forward Dear Hearts and trust that your sacred Soul will be delivered into the Light of Love, Source Love and All that Love brings into your heart and mind on this certain Day..Magic is Profound and the Magic of Source will deliver all that is necessary for a smooth Transition..Independent and Free is the mindset for all men/women who desire to be sacred Instruments for Source..The Spiritual Revolution Will Begin..walk quietly Dear Hearts but know that your Footsteps are loud indeed..You are the providers of Love and Peace and your Energy is really making a difference in the atmosphere..do not allow outside influences to put you off your personal desires for this planet..Mastering Ones Emotions will continue, you will Handle Yourselves with Ease..remember the Power of Prayer..all Solutions will be presented to those who sincerely ask for guidance..

The Master walks among You..let this fact inspire You to BE WHO YOU ARE.."listen to your heart" will indeed have your heart and mind ready for His "big reveal"His Word Will Strengthen your Belief Systems..A Powerful Voice of Truth He Will Be..beautiful energy is Infused with our words on this certain Day..it is Time to Claim Ones Inheritance Dear Hearts..We are Linking You all to The Great Central Sun..peace and love Be with You All..Love and Light  

Channeled by Debbie Dixon Artist Thanked 

The Goal ~ Galactic Historian

The goal is expansion of consciousness

Source: Galactic Historian

Diamond Rainbow 2222 Codes ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown ~ 23 May 2018

Diamond Rainbow Cosmic LightBody Blast 2222 Code and more. Powerful upgrades all day....
Embrace Embrace Embrace!

From Lisa, above.

From me, on 21 May 2018:
Also, Judy Satori has reminded us that the dimensions of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is 220 metres. She has also told us that there are 22 Galaxies making up the diamond-shaped cluster of our Super Galaxy (where the Great Central Sun is increasingly beaming Cosmic Reset energies to our Galactic Central Sun, which in turn is busy transmitting them to our Sun, and thus, our Solar System).

I just discovered that the location of the pyramid complex, Visoko, is 22 miles from Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia!

Then, there's this, as discovered by Dr Sam:
Shadow of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun form the parallel “pyramid” next to the Bosnian pyramid of the Moon on a day of summer solstice (June 22), extremely important day for the ancient people.
Finally, sources such as Alex Collier have told us about the 22 Star Races that have been involved in Human history, we are the sum total of these 22 Races.